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A place to exchange stories about your bosses, employees, or those interesting customers you see daily.

  • Remember that customer who yelled at you over coupons?

  • Do I really have to wear this ridiculous polo shirt?

  • The things you do after customers leave

Come, put your name tag on, and let's get the stress of work off of our chest.

Welcome to Tales From Retail!

Your post should be a story about a working retail experience.

Note: TFR is not an advice board, or a place to air your workplace grievances. These posts will be automatically removed.

If you want to ask a question:
    use /r/AskRetail

If you are not at work as a retail employee:
    use /r/TalesFromTheCustomer

If you are mistaken for a retail employee:
    use /r/IDontWorkHereLady

If you are just angry or need to vent:
    use /r/RantsFromRetail

Posting Rules

  • Posts must be a written story about retail
  • Titles must be about the story
  • One tale per post please
  • Do not ask for other people's stories
  • No plagiarism, re-telling or reposting
  • No flamebait or fighty hotbutton issue posts
  • No workplace grievances or livejournaling
  • No derogatory representations of people
  • No racism, sexism, bigotry or stereotyping
  • No circlejerk, justice, revenge, gore or porn
  • No memes, gifs, copypasta, chanspeak etc.
  • Meta posts are not allowed; pm the mods instead
  • And remember, we always want to see more stories!  Saying "Would you guys want to hear more?!" is kind of annoying.
  • The TFR Not Wanted List expands upon our sidebar rules with examples and references.

Commenting Rules

  • Don't be a jerk (singling out users, personal attacks or provocative language, picking fights, trolling, etc.)
  • Absolutely no bigotry or hateful language.
  • Racism will ALWAYS result in a ban.
  • Avoid politics and religion, please.
  • Swearing (in comments AND posts) should be limited as it results in spamfiltering.
  • Please do not reply with "ThatHappened", etc.   If you find a story hard to believe, just vote and move on. Playing "Reddit Truth Police" is a good way to get yourself banned.

Anonymizing Rules

  • No personal info (your name, employer, or other identifiable qualities).
  • No clever hints as to where you work, just put: "Grocery, Retail, Fast Food, etc."
  • This means no fake names, either. There's almost always a real business with that name somewhere.
  • Posts with business names will be removed without warning.
  • Do not in any way guess business names or solicit personal information in the comments. You may be banned without warning.

Moderation Rules

  • Message the mods if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.
  • Remember to include a link for quickest response.
  • Please use the 'Report' button if you see something that breaks the rules.
  • Remember, moderation is always at the discretion of the moderators. No rules lawyering, please.
  • Now that text posts gain karma again, the mods will be removing low-effort posts more frequently.
  • Trolling the mods, or pissing us off will result in us making fun of you and then banning you.

Post/Comment not showing up?

  • It was likely removed by The Very Picky Automod.
  • Review the complete ruleset on our Wiki Page for more details about appropriate content on TFR.
  • If you feel your Post or Comment was removed in error, please message the mods and include a link. We will review your content ASAP.

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