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stories from the front desk of hotels/hostels/and others in the hospitality industry

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Tales from the Front Desk Wiki: A Guide for our Lurking Guests


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Welcome to Tales from the Front Desk, a sub where Desk Jockeys and others in the hospitality come to vent/share stories of their battles at the desk.

This sub is MOSTLY for stories about hotel experiences, not for questions about hotels, see below for other hotel related subs that may be what you are looking for. Your post will be removed if its not a "Tale"

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If you have a question about hotels you can head over to /r/askhotels for all questions hotel related.


Stay anonymous! & Don't be an asshole

Don't post identifying information - This includes:

Property/franchise name and location

Specific rewards program names - if you're referring to a rewards guest, just say "top tier rewards guest" or something similar.

Users should not try to guess what brand/franchise hotel someone works at.

Change dates/locations of incident if you're worried the offending guest may be a redditor and see your post.

Personal attacks will not be tolerated and may result in an immediate ban.

For all rules: first incident is warning, second incident is a permanent ban.

Any user found to be posting personal information that could be used to identify ("doxx") a person will be instantly and permanently banned without warning. This includes but isn't limited to names, email addresses, postal addresses and telephone numbers.

Other Rules

memes, reaction gifs, and other posts of that nature will be removed. However, this post is a hilarious and appropriate use of reaction gifs that enhance the story. Credit to /u/VictorClark

Please hit the report button if you see any violations of the rules to help bring to mod attention

For Hotel Employees


hotelemployee modmail


nightaudit modmail

They are both private and proof is required for entry. message Mods for entry - preferred proof is an imgur of your username on a piece of paper in front of something hotellish THEY DO NOT WANT PERSONAL INFO just trying to keep those places for the employees only.

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