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Technicians, Pharmacists and other related professions

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New Subreddit Theme Activated. Any complaints, pass them to /u/CptJango, not me. Thanks.

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This is a place where people in the world of pharmacy can tell their story, vent about what occurred, and read some humor about others.


1) NO violations of HIPAA - anyone doing this will be banned without warning

2) Are you a patient or someone else who wants to voice their complaint about your local pharmacy? This is not the correct place for it. Please direct those posts to /r/TalesFromTheCustomer.

3) If you have a specific question then those are more suited for /r/Pharmacy than here. If posting there then get straight to the question without too much unneeded information. Any posts containing either of these will be removed.

4) Images are okay but an accompanying story must appear in the comments

5) Anything read here should not be taken as any type of medical advice. If you are searching for specific medical advice then Reddit is not the place to look for it. Please direct yourself to a medical professional such as your local pharmacist, doctor, or provider.

6) Questions regarding Pharmacy Technicians can also be found in /r/PharmacyTechnician

7) No memes. Those can be directed to /r/pharmacymemes

8) If it isn't a tale then it doesn't belong here and will be removed

Our Theme Song Courtesy of /u/KetrinaKetrina

(To the tune of "Just Keep Swimming" in "Finding Nemo")

Hey mister grumpy pharmacist

When pharmacy life gets you down you know what you got to do ?

Just keep filling, just keep filling, filling, filling, filling

What do we do we? Fill fill fill.


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Or check out r/Pharmacy to understand what we go through to even work in a Pharmacy

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