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Tales From The Squad Car; Stories of Cops.

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  • Posts must be a written story about Law Enforcement work

  • Poster must have been personally present for the event

  • Titles must be about the story

  • Do not ask for other people's stories

  • No plagiarism, re-telling or reposting.

  • No flamebait or fighty hotbutton issue posts

  • No workplace grievances or livejournaling

  • No derogatory representations of people

  • No racism, sexism, bigotry or stereotyping

  • Meta posts are never allowed; pm the mods instead

  • No links to someplace else, TFTSQ is for your stories only

  • Tags Are Now Required! Please tag your post with one of the following



[Friend] (Of the officer. This means family too)

[Suspect] (This means you were on the receiving end of the story)

Tagging will allow readers to understand the perspective from which the story is being told before reading. No more 'I'm not a ____ but..." stories. If you do not fit in the above 4 categories, your story belongs somewhere else.


[Officer] The One Time I Forgot My Flashlight

[Ridealong] I Never Knew Officer Could Fly

[Friend/Family] Why My Dad Is Always On Duty

[Suspect] I Guess Cardio Was Actually Important

A place designed for Officers, Deputies, Corrections Officers, and other LEOs to exchange stories about your calls for service, traffic stops or those interesting 'customers' you see daily. Stories from the other side of the law are also allowed as long as you were there when it happened.

Come, take your badge off, losen up your stinky vest, and let's get the stress of work off of our chest. Remember OPSEC. Any identifying info should be left out, for both officers and suspects.

Welcome to Tales From The Squad Car. Your post should be a story about the crazy, entertaining, funny, or even depressing shit cops see on a daily basis!

We always want to see more stories. Saying "Would you guys want to hear more?!" is fairly kind of annoying, considering this is a subreddit for people who are always down to read cop shop stories.

Commenting Rules Don't be a jerk - Name calling is not permitted, and will result in a warning, and then a ban. Do not single out users No personal attacks. No blatant cop hatred - you will be banned No MFW (my face when) posts for comments No bigotry or hateful language. Repeated use will result in a ban. Racism will ALWAYS result in a ban. Please report it when you see it. Avoid politics No trolling

Anonymizing Rules Posts with department names will be removed without warning. No personal info (agency, your name, or identifiable qualities). Please stop giving hints as to where you work, just put: "Local PD, Sheriff, State, Federal etc." This means no fake names, either. Please refrain from posting your employer for your and everyone else's own personal protection. * Don't actively guess department names or solicit personal information in the comments. You may be banned without warning.

Moderation Rules Message the mods if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Remember, moderation is always at the discretion of the moderators. * Trolling the mods, or pissing us off will result in us making fun of you and then banning you.

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