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Tales From Your Server

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This does not need to be a vent for your anger and frustration! Tell us about your good times too!


>* KEEP IT CLEAN Please be respectful of other users! If you bully/disrespect other users, your comments and posts will be removed.

>* DO NOT post identifying information about yourself, your coworkers or where you work!

>* DO NOT Identify other people's places of work if recognized. People may have confidentiality contracts with restaurants. (Example: Oh I know that place! It's ____.)

>* DO NOT post pictures of credit card slips that have - Identifying marks like the address or restaurant on them - Signatures - Last 4 digits of the CC number

>* DO NOT use racism or bigotry as insult to other users, or the people of their stories. There is zero tolerance for this behavior. It is acceptable to mention a specific ethnicity, if it is an important factor in your tale. Otherwise, please refrain from mentioning ethnicities.

>* Be careful of what you allege, and say. It is your responsibility to stay within the rules. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN WORDS.

>* No Posts from bots!

>* No Memes, Rage Comics, or other stuff we decide is lame. Don't post general links to blogs and be spammy. Only link to specific articles or posts and be clear in your title what you are posting to.

>* Be Open to discussion about tipping.

>* REDDIQUETTE I am well versed on reddiquette so you should be too.



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