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Taliyah, The Stoneweaver

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Welcome to \/r/TaliyahMains! Please read the subreddit rules before posting, and do come join our Discord Server!

>###Welcome to \/r/TaliyahMains

Feel free to share all things relevant to Taliyah here. If you're new to the subreddit, please consider checking the following links:

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>###\/r/ChampionMains Discord

>###Taliyah Clubs

To join a Taliyah Club in your region, add the Club Owner and wait for them to invite you.

Message the moderators to add your club here.

|Region|Club Name & Tag|Club Owner| |:--|:--|:--|:--| |NA|NA TaliyahMains™ , TALY|Vikachu| |NA|Stone Weavers, E>Q|The Egg Roller| |NA|WEAVR|TALEEEEEEEEEEYAH| |LAS|Taliyah Mains,Tali~|Aishe Elventie| |EUW|Taliyah Mains, TLYH|Abstain| |EUW|Taiiyah|HalfBioodPrince| |EUNE|Taliyah Mains|Raykiry28| |EUW|We Main Taliyah|Taliyah Smurf| |NA|Taliyah Mains,TALYA|Anceril Sacred| |BR|Taliyah Mains|Bad Taliyah| |EUW|TaliyahMainsFC|FuZi Ginge| |EUW|TaliyahStoneWeaver|DantheHobnob| |NA|The Stoneweavers, TaIi|koovin| |NA|Taliyah Main, Tali|Short Bee| |OCE|Taliyah Mains, Talia|Rock Thrower| |EUW|/r/Taliyahmains, Eαrth|DFG Xecrone| |SEA|TLYH|LukeEX| |BR|I Taliyah Mains I|iDarkLaw| |EUNE|Taliyah Main OMG, Talia|T A L I Y A H| |EUNE|Taliyah's Fanboys|Freljord Taliyah| |EUW|TaliyahMains #1|Natsunoshimo| |EUW|Taliyah mains club,T@liy|NoLifeAndAvirgin| |EUW|Taliyahs Only, Talíy|WeaveAway| |LAN|Taliyah Mains, Tali|Kipe| |EUW|Taliyah bae, Tyh|Syl3ns3| |EUW|Throwin' Rocks, Tali|Flixbube| |LAS |Taliyah Mains LAS, Taly~|Shadilay| |NA|Taliyah Mains NA|GeloTheFilipino|

>###Taliyah Guides

Learn how to play Taliyah here.

Message the moderators to add your guide here.

>###Taliyah Streams

Message the moderators to add your stream here.

|Region|Summoner|Rank|Stream| |:--|:--|:--|:--| |NA|ltaliyahl|Platin|Link| |NA|Swiftlyy|Silver|Link |NA|HopOffMyDonger|Diamond|Link |EUW|biffymcsniff|Diamond|Link| |NA|etyrnal|Gold|Link| |NA|Blasterejro|Masters|Link| |NA|TaliyahGod|Platinum|Link| |NA|Zyket|Diamond|Link| |EUW|Taliyah_Support|Diamond|Link| |NA|Rocket EX|Diamond|Link|

>###Taliyah Youtube Channels and Gameplay

Watch Taliyah plays & tips & tricks here!

Message the moderators to add your Youtube Channel here.

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