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There's much work to be done here, but for now, some rules:

This sub is dedicated to discussing all things kink/fetish. People might come here wondering how to do this or that, how to achieve a certain goal in a kink, etc... Let's all do our best to give safe advice that leads to the most fun and freaky sex!

Absolutely NO kink shaming - Leave that for less mature communities. Just because you don't like something doesn't make it gross.

This sub is for discussion ONLY - If you have examples of what you're talking about for demonstration purposes, you can put them in the OP text of your post or in a comment.

Kink success stories ARE allowed! Do you want to tell a story of a fun time you had doing your kink? Or maybe you opened up to an SO and had fantasy become reality! Let us know, we could all use positive stories about opening up!

This is not a personals community! Don't solicit for PMs!

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