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Technology Pro Tips

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A Technology Pro Tip (or TPT) is a tip that improves your tech knowledge and usage so that you can face and overcome certain problems regarding technology. For example:

  • Windows is not responding.
  • How to make Android lag-free.
  • How to fix _.

Please note that this is a drama-free subreddit. Name-calling, accusations, and other drama are not allowed. (see rule 9)

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> TPT: Share your Technology Pro Tip with the world. > > Request: Request a Technology Pro Tip. > > Website: Share useful, TPT-worthy websites. > > Meta: For posts about the subreddit itself.


  1. You must prefix your post's title with one of the above tags.

  2. No vague titles.

  3. No common sense or common courtesy tips.

  4. No product or service recommendations for their intended use, unless it's a very useful website.

  5. No TPT lists (e.g. "5 Ways To Increase Battery Life" or "Some Useful Shortcuts").

  6. No referral links or links to websites that utilize a paywall.

  7. No TPTs that suggest illegal action. Depending on the severity, these may be grounds for a ban.

  8. Troll TPTs, as well as repeated "obvious" TPTs, will be grounds for a ban.

  9. Any comments, particularly those with ill intent, may be subject to removal and/or may result in a ban as the moderation team deems appropriate.

Tips for success:

  • Flair your post.

  • Downvote posts that you feel aren't TPT-worthy, and please report rule-breaking posts to the mods.

  • Always read the comments on this subreddit before using these tips.

  • Submit tips that you have tried and found to be successful.

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