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Learn interesting facts about a variety of topics!


Main Rules:

● All site-wide rules apply, and we ask that you follow reddiquette.

● Submit a topic using the format "TMAF about [topic]". Topics can cover nearly anything, e.g. animals, history, technology, and so on! Mark your thread "nsfw" (not safe for work) if appropriate.

Avoid re-submitting recent topics, by using the search function first.

● Post your fact as a top-level comment. Please link to a reliable source or reference an offline source if possible. This verifies the fact, and also allows people to read more about it!

All top-level comments should be serious facts, i.e. no obvious/joke facts or non-fact (e.g. personal opinion) content.

● Only include one fact per comment, so people can upvote and comment on the specific facts they're interested in.

● Feel free to post as many facts as you want, even if you created the thread!

For our more detailed rules, please see the wiki. Have fun!

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