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Welcome to Chattanooga's very own Reddit! Also part of our community are people all around the 423 area code! Hixson, East Ridge, Soddy Daisy, Red Bank, Brainerd, and Sale Creek are included!

What To Do In Chattanooga - Dining/Entertainment/Shopping/Etc

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Clarksville, Tennessee

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This place is first and foremost a community of Clarksville, TN. Please feel free to join us and contribute in any way you're comfortable.

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News, events, attractions, and other stuff of general interest in Clarksville, TN

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Reddit is not a replacement for traditional news sources. It compliments news sources by allowing users to vote on articles to decide what's worth reading. Submitting and voting on news makes reddit successful. This puts the power of news in the hands of the people rather than the control of news outlets, and it lets the news that's most relevant to the community rise to the top!

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> * Meetups & Events > * ____ > * Click here to visit our calendar!

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  2. r/memphiscirclejerk
  3. Moving to Memphis?
Welcome to the Memphis subreddit, y'all!

Memphis (ˈmemfɪs) — one of the major cities in the South that has rich culture, amazing music, and some of the best food you'll ever eat; grit and grind

  • No personal attacks, hate speech, or harassment. Trolling isn't welcome, but try /r/memphiscirclejerk. Warning first, then ban. Don't keep arguing about it.
  • Spam will be removed.
  • Editorialized titles are not allowed.
  • Posts with copied and pasted articles from paywall sites (e.g. The Commercial Appeal) will be removed. Provide a link to the article and summarize the important parts.
  • If you are a user who posts in many different region, state, or city subreddits to promote or facilitate some sort of agenda, you'll be banned.
  • No selling/buying drugs on this subreddit. Find a back alley like a normal person.
  • Promotions of local businesses should have some tie-in to /r/memphis: a special for redditors, etc. There is a fine line here; it's better not to tread at all.
  • For sale posts usually get downvoted. Try Craigslist instead.
  • Before you post questions, try searching our subreddit first.
Meetups / Events
Compiled Lists
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Resources / Things to Do
Other Relevant Subreddits
  • /r/memphiscirclejerk
  • /r/askmemphis
  • /r/UofMemphis
  • /r/MemphisBikes
  • /r/olemiss
  • /r/Bartlett
  • /r/TownofArlington
  • /r/Collierville
  • /r/memphisgrizzlies
  • /r/jacksontn
  • /r/Nashville
  • /r/Knoxville
  • /r/Chattanooga
  • /r/Tennessee
  • /r/TotallyTennessee
Header Credit

Thanks to /u/VSRJ for the header image, a panoramic shot of the Mississippi River from Beale Street Landing downtown.

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Nashville Tennesee

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Tennessee: A Subreddit About The Volunteer State

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Welcome to r/Tennessee!

This is a subreddit for all things concerning the Volunteer State. For a quick bio of the state check out the Wikipedia article about us. If you a looking for a community closer to your city please see the list of geo-specific subreddits below.

East TN Subreddits:

Chattanooga | Knoxville | TriCities

Middle TN Subreddits:

Clarksville | Cookeville | Fayetteville | Murfreesboro | Nashville

West TN Subreddits:

| Memphis|

TN College/University Subreddits:

| ETSU | MTSU | TN Tech | University of Memphis | UT Chattanooga | UT Knoxville |
UT Martin

Related Subreddits:

Tennessee Subreddit Multi-Links

Also, Please refrain from posting anything racist or prejudicial.

Thanks for visiting!

If you have any questions or your post gets caught in the spam filter--please feel free to message the mods.

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Tri-Cities TN/VA

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A subreddit for the Tri-Cities area of TN and VA. Includes Bristol, Kingsport, Johnson City, and surrounding cities.

Upcoming Events

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Tennessee Reddits

Looking for Tri-Cities Washington?

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