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Welcome to Chattanooga's very own subreddit! We also welcome anyone from the greater Chattanooga area!

Our Rules

1) Be excellent to each other!

2) Don't post personal info.

3) No personal attacks.

4) No hate speech.

5) No spam.

6) Follow reddiquette.

Violators will be warned. Warned violators will be banned.

What To Do In Chattanooga - Dining/Entertainment/Shopping/Etc


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Clarksville, Tennessee

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This place is first and foremost a community of Clarksville, TN. Please feel free to join us and contribute in any way you're comfortable.

Moving to Clarksville?

Dining in Clarksville?

Learn about our Reddit Day of Service

News, events, attractions, and other stuff of general interest in Clarksville, TN

Feel Free to share links to interesting local news:

Other Local Reddits

Why Reddit?

Reddit is not a replacement for traditional news sources. It compliments news sources by allowing users to vote on articles to decide what's worth reading. Submitting and voting on news makes reddit successful. This puts the power of news in the hands of the people rather than the control of news outlets, and it lets the news that's most relevant to the community rise to the top!

Middle Tennessee Television News

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> # Welcome, y'all! Memphis (ˈmemfɪs) — one of the major cities in the South that has rich culture, amazing music, and some of the best food you'll ever eat; grit and grind

> # Rules

>See detailed list of rules here.

> 1. Follow Reddiquette 2. Search before posting 3. No personal attacks, bigotry, or harassment 4. No spam 5. Respect copyright 6. No illegal or sleazy activity 7. Respect question threads

> # Compiled Lists r/memphis suggests "Best Eats" 350+ Best Food Places List of Local Conventions List of Craft Breweries and Brewpubs List of Brunches in Midtown & Downtown List of Adult Group Sports

> # Visitors / Newcomers Memphis Travel Moving to Memphis? Read this! * Redditors of Memphis on Facebook

> # Resources / Things to Do /r/memphis Meetups & Events Calendar Go Memphis (CA) I Love Memphis (CVB) Choose 901 (CL) * Volunteer Odyssey | Calendar

> # News Memphis Flyer Commercial Appeal * WMC-TV

> # Sports University of Memphis Tigers Grizzlies Schedule 2015-2016 * Redbirds

> # Other Relevant Subreddits /r/memphiscirclejerk /r/askmemphis /r/UofMemphis /r/MemphisBikes /r/POGOMemphis /r/Bartlett /r/TownofArlington /r/Collierville /r/memphisgrizzlies /r/gotigersgo /r/MemphisTigers /r/olemiss /r/jacksontn /r/Nashville /r/Knoxville /r/Chattanooga /r/Tennessee /r/TotallyTennessee

> # Header Credit Thanks to /u/VSRJ for the header image, a panoramic shot of the Mississippi River from Beale Street Landing downtown.

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Nashville Tennesee

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Tennessee: A Subreddit About The Volunteer State

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Thanks for visiting /r/Tennessee! The official statewide sub for the state of Tennessee. Feel free to post or comment at your leisure. The more activity the better, but remember to keep it civil and polite. No racism, bigotry, witch hunting, or harassment will be allowed within this sub. If you do not follow these simple rules you will be dealt with accordingly. Thanks again for visiting, we hope you stay.

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Chattanooga | Knoxville | TriCities

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Clarksville | Cookeville | Murfreesboro | Nashville

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TN College/University Subreddits:

| ETSU | MTSU | TN Tech | University of Memphis | UT Chattanooga | UT Knoxville | UT Martin

If you have any questions or your post gets caught in the spam filter--please feel free to message the mods.

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