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Texas Rangers Baseball

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Standings|W|L|PCT|GB -|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-: |101|61|.623|- |80|82|.494|21 |78|84|.481|23 |78|84|.481|23 |75|87|.463|26

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Date||Opp|Pitcher|Time |:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|||| 09/01|||Hamels| 09/02|||Griffin| 09/03|||Perez| 09/04|@||Cashner| 09/06|@||Gonzalez| 09/06|@||Hamels| 09/07|| 09/08|||Perez| 09/09|||Cashner| 09/10|||Griffin| 09/11|||Hamels| 09/12|||Gonzalez| 09/13|||Perez| 09/14|||Cashner| 09/15|@||Martinez| 09/16|@||Hamels| 09/17|@||Gonzalez| 09/18|| 09/19|@||Perez| 09/20|@||Cashner| 09/21|@||Hamels| 09/22|@||Martinez| 09/23|@||Gonzalez| 09/24|@||Perez| 09/25|||Cashner| 09/26|||Hamels| 09/27|||Martinez| 09/28|||Gonzalez| 09/29|||Perez| 09/30|||Cashner| 10/01|||Hamels|

NL West|NL Central|NL East :-:|:-:|:-: || || || || ||

AL West|AL Central|AL East :-:|:-:|:-:| || || || || ||

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