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Welcome to /r/Thailand

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Welcome (ยินดีต้อนรับ)

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The Thailand subreddit is a place where you can share links and content relating to Thailand, such as:

  • Thai culture & lifestyle
  • Thai news (politics, business, sports, etc.)
  • Tourism (locations, tips, etc.)
  • Thai language learning resources
  • Expat tips (visas, locations, etc.)
  • Meetups!
  • And all other things related to Thailand

Posting Rules:

Please take note of /r/Thailand's sub rules before posting (Link to our Rules). Repercussions for violating these rules is discretionary and action may be taken without warning:

  • Reddiquette is enforced to the best of our abilities. If not familiar with those rules, look here;

  • Overt and purposefully offensive or racist content and comments, including such comments directed at individual users. Purposefully derailing threads, harassing users, targeting users, and/or posting personal information about users on this sub or other subs, will not be tolerated if discovered;

  • Posts which include illegal content will be removed, including anything that is considered lese majeste in Thailand i.e. anything that might cause real trouble for users living in Thailand;

  • Link directly to source material rather than news aggregators such as Thaivisa and Coconuts;

  • Blogs, vacation videos, personal video channels, personal Instagram channels, and so on for the purposes of self-promotion rather than contribution to discussion, are prohibited; and,

  • Spam (advertisements or links to advertisements) if not caught by the Reddit spam filter will result in an immediate ban.

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