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The 100 - The CW TV Show

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The 100 Season Four Airs on Wednesday nights at 9/8C on The CW.

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"Whatever the hell you want."

Bellamy Blake

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S4E09 - "DNR"| :--------------|:-------: |Live Episode Discussion| |Post Episode Discussion| |Morning After Analysis |

Spoiler Policy

  • Do Not include spoilers in the title of your post, all posts with spoilers in the title will be ruthlessly removed by the mods.

  • Tag all posts where you expect to conduct a discussion that may include spoilers with [Spoilers] We encourage you to indicate the scope such as [Spoilers S1] if possible. Don't spoiler other shows on the subreddit.

  • Use [Future Spoilers] for spoilers that have not aired yet.

  • Use the Spoiler Button to hide any image/thumbnail spoilers.

  • Hide comments in untagged posts [text here](/spoiler) to black out the spoiler.

Rules Summary

A full explanation of our rules can be found in our wiki. Click the button at the top of the sidebar.

  • Content must have value to the subreddit and be directly related to "The 100".

  • Media is only accepted from legitimate sources including cast & crew members' official social media platforms. Unofficial Blogs/Tumblr/Clones/Kink/Junk/Commerce will be removed.

  • Unsanctioned leaks of any kind are not allowed here. Requests or comments referencing unsanctioned streams/torrents/leaks will be deleted.

  • Image posting is limited to topical value. Captioned images, memes, etc..are not allowed here. Gifs are ok in comments, only if topical. Fan created video clips are welcome, be sure they are tasteful.

  • Member created art is allowed if it meets our guidelines.
  • Low level content including repetition, HIFW/DAE/MRW, spam, creeps, NSFW, etc..will all be removed.
  • Use reddiquette. No meta agendas-political, religious or otherwise. Don't be an Eeyore/troll. No calls to action. Rude and/or negative behavior is unacceptable. Be polite. Name-calling, racism and homophobia are almost certainly an instant ban.

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The Tree Adams AMA

The Toby Levins (Emerson) AMA

Employees of The 100 will be verified guests, send us a message by clicking the @Mods button at the top of the sidebar.

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