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The Adventure Zone

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Welcome to /r/TheAdventureZone!
This is a community dedicated to The Adventure Zone, a Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition podcast.

Community Links:

Fantasy Costco Item Ideas

Use this thread to post and discuss your awesome ideas for the fantasy costco.

[Monthly LFG Thread] (

A place to find other TAZ fans who are looking to play some table top RPG's.

[TAZ Discord Server] (

Excellent community run Discord for finding groups to play D&D with or to chat about the show.

[TAZ Campaign Notes] (

In lieu of Griffin's own personal notes, /u/fishgutsd has started to document the entire campaign here!  

Posting Rules:
See the wiki for details. Posts that do not follow these guidelines are subject to removal.
1. Relevancy
Content must be on topic and related to the Adventure Zone universe. Image posts are allowed but image macros, memes, reaction gifs, or other low effort posts will be removed. Any LFG type posts should be kept to the monthly LFG thread.
2. Spoilers
Spoilers must be appropriately tagged or the offending post/comment will be removed. See detailed rules here. will display as
3. Maturity
Don't be a dick. Be respectful to other readers. Please don't use any racist or hateful language. This is a D&D podcast subreddit, there's no need for that.

Other Useful Links:

The Adventure Zone Official Wiki

Griffin McElroy's soundcloud: Containing all the music from the show

[NO3113, the episode linking bot] (

LFG Subreddit: Lots of roll20 games for those interested in playing Tabletop RPG's online


For other great D&D/Comedy flavored podcasts, check out our friends:

The Glass Cannon Podcast

Nerd Poker with Brian Posehn

Harmontown with Dan Harmon

Critical Role

Friends At The Table

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