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The Best Of Amazon - The best, cheapest, WEIRDEST and most popular items on amazon!

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This sub-reddit was created to bring attention to the best products on Amazon, not to be a "catch-all" spam pool.

Simply the best stuff we can find on amazon!


  • Links that are not from may be subject to removal.

  • Submitters accounts must be at least 2 months old, with over 300 combined karma.

  • We only publish 5-7 items per day, as to not clog up subscribers front pages.

  • Product posts must have the price at the end of the title as so: [$PRICE]. Any post missing the price can be subject to removal.

  • Some of the links on the subreddit, may be linked to the amazon affiliate program, where users earn referral fee's for affiliate links.

  • If an item is eligible for Amazon Prime, please include the [Prime] tag before the price tag, at the end of the title. If it's eligible for Free Shipping, add the [Free Shipping] tag. If an item is an add on item, add the [Free Shipping Over $25] tag.

  • Our submit button is disabled because of automated bot spam. If you would like to submit an item, just go to any subreddit, press 'Submit Link' then change the subreddit name to 'TheBestOfAmazon'.

  • No images, memes, etc. Amazon product links only. (Original images of an item(s) you bought are OK)

  • Keep NSFW tags where needed, as Amazon does have NSFW content.

  • No SPAM: This means, no advertising to other subreddits over and over, and no bots.

  • Have fun and happy browsing. Be nice to other users.

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*Some links on this subreddit may be linked to Amazon's Affiliate Program. This means that if used, the submitted may recieve a percentage of the sale price for each purchase made after clicking said link. We have several users that scour Amazon for most of the day, and we act as a central hub for most of the Amazon-related sites that feature similar products.

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