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The Cheapest Of Amazon. The Cheapest Products On Amazon.

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This sub-reddit was created to bring attention to the best and cheapest products on Amazon, not to be a "catch-all" spam pool.

Simply the best, cheapest stuff we can find on amazon! We encourage everyone to start posting products as this is a very new subreddit.


  • Try to keep it under $10. Unless it's a really good deal.

  • Submitters accounts must be at least 4 months old, with over 300 combined karma.

  • We only publish 7-9 items per day, as to not clog up subscribers front pages.

  • Product posts must have the price at the end of the title as so: [$PRICE]. Any post missing the price can be subject to removal.

  • Some of the links on the subreddit, may be linked to the amazon affiliate program, where users earn referral fee's for affiliate links.

  • If an item is eligible for Amazon Prime, please include the [Prime] tag before the price tag, at the end of the title. If it's eligible for Free Shipping, add the [Free Shipping] tag. If an item is an add on item, add the [Free Shipping Over $25] tag.

  • No images, memes, etc. Amazon product links only or self posts.

  • Keep NSFW tags where needed, as Amazon does have NSFW content.

  • Have fun and happy browsing. Be nice to other users.

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*Some links on this subreddit may be linked to Amazon's Affiliate Program. This means that if used, the submitted may recieve a percentage of the sale price for each purchase made after clicking said link. We have several users that scour Amazon for most of the day, and we act as a central hub for most of the Amazon-related sites that feature similar products. Many of the products we post end up on

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