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The Coolest Of Amazon

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Bring attention to the most coolest products of amazon, that are not being displayed in any other amazon subreddits.

Rules of Submission:

  • Read the Submitters Guideline.
  • Share affiliate links without compromising the quality of the things you're sharing.
  • With an intention to find the most coolest products on amazon.
  • We're not looking into the ratings and price, only motive is to find the most coolest of all.
  • Enjoy sharing the most innovative products with this community that are available on amazon.
  • Craft the title interestingly and kindly don't add the price tag. Make the title stand alone to make people understand what this submission is all about.
  • One Quality Submission in 24 hours... Only submit those items which looks really cool to you.
  • Moderator will approve the submission if it stuck in the filter, so message the mod. (he too has the right to decline the submission he doesn't like)
  • The submitter should have a clean submission history, where he has very less 1-2 submission links (less than 10% of your overall submission) to amazon with affiliate tag in his account.
  • The Submitter should sometime contribute without their affiliate tags to keep things balanced. (use to share product cool photos)
  • You may submit 2-3 submission, we'll only approve one of all which is the best of all.
  • You need to have a minimum of 200 Karma & a month old user to submit here.

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