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The Making of Games

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This subreddit is about the creation of our favourite games. Whether it's 'the making of', a presentation, podcast, concept art, or other 'behind the scenes' content, this is the place!

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Assume all content contains spoilers.


  • Please list the game title at the beginning of your submission, such as Skyrim - Making of. If the content involves multiple subjects, please either name of the studio (Blizzard - Art panel) or the speaker (Gabe Newell - Game Economy).

  • If it is a long video, please include the duration in parentheses at the end of the submission title (1 hr 30 min).

  • If it's written content or audio only, please include a [text] or [audio] tag such as: Ken Levine - interview [text] or Todd Howard - podcast [audio].

  • No content that only promotes a game and doesn't actually gives any inside information.

  • If closed captioning subtitles are available, please include [CC] at the end of the title in brackets to help our hearing impaired audience.


GameDev - Discussion of game development including programming, art, audio, and business.

Video Game Science - Anything from UI design, game engine physics, how components were made, and anything else science-y in video games.

GameDesign - For topics related to the design of rule sets for interactive entertainment systems including video games, board games, and tabletop RPGs.

TheMakingOf - The movie version of this subreddit. Behind the scenes footage, interviews and making of documentaries for films.

Games - Gaming content and discussion.

GamerNews - Video game news.

IndieGaming - A focus on indie games.

DidYouKnowGaming - Game trivia.

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