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The OA: Netflix Original Series

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Subreddit for the Netflix show The OA


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1. Follow Rules of Reddit.

  1. Including Reddiquette and Content Policy

2. Absolutely NO Harassment or Bullying of Any Kind.

  1. Since this show addresses some sensitive topics, there are bound to be disagreements. While we respect everyone's right to an opinion and encourage healthy discussion, we will NOT condone name-calling, insulting, belittling, or berating of other users or characters in comments or posts. Report harassment or bullying to the moderators rather than replying to trolls.

3. Respect Other Redditors.

  1. Criticism of theories is encouraged, but should remain constructive, kind, and addressed to the idea, not the author. Assume the good faith of other Redditors.

4. No Piracy.

  1. Requests for or links to streams/torrents/etc. will be removed.

5. No spoilers in post title or thumbnails.

  1. When in doubt about a thumbnail, submit a text post rather than a link. Browse at your own risk, or use the Episode Discussion Threads below to avoid spoilers.

To use spoiler tags in comments, use this format:

[spoiler](#s "spoiler") which becomes


| Links to Episode Discussion Threads| |:--| Chapter 1 - Homecoming| Chapter 2 - New Colossus| Chapter 3 - Champion| Chapter 4 - Away| Chapter 5 - Paradise| Chapter 6 - Forking Paths| Chapter 7 - Empire of Light| Chapter 8 - Invisible Selfs|

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