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The Report Of The Week

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This subreddit is dedicated to the YouTube channel TheReportOfTheWeek hosted by a well dressed young man that reviews various food products and energy drinks.


  • This Subreddit is for discussions about TheReportOfTheWeek and his videos. Anything irrelevant will be removed.
  • Please no spam. This includes nsfw talk about reviewbrah. This also includes irrelevant talk about his personal life or anything that doesn't have to do with the show.
  • Try to keep some of the content original. Repost are ok as long as it isn't a post that has been posted 3 times already.
  • No personal pictures please. Respect the man.
  • Be nice to each other. Let's try to keep this a professional environment.
  • If you break one of the rules you are given a warning. If done again it will be a ban. NOTE , Reviewbrah has the strongest decision. If he thinks that you are simply trolling then you can be banned forever.


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Energy Crisis

> A show where energy drinks are reviewed > >Search for This Tag

Running On Empty

> > Reviews of Fast Food and other food items. > >[Search For This Tag] (


> > A weekly audio show where The Report of the Week shares his thoughts > [Search For This Tag] (

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