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Pokémon GO's Largest Grassroots Network: The Silph Road

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Welcome, new travelers! Learn: About the Silph Road » Contribute your data to the Global Nest Atlas »

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> Global Pokedex

What is The Silph Road?

The Silph Road is a grassroots network of Pokémon GO™ trainers.

What does it do?

The Silph Road is a friendly, active community focused on three objectives:

  1. Constructing a real-world network of Pokemon GO enthusiasts
  2. Researching and discussing game mechanics and strategy
  3. Helping newbies improve and learn
Sweet. How do I join?
  1. Read the intro thread
  2. Assign yourself the correct subreddit flair via the sidebar. (Only visible on desktop mode!)
  3. Then head to the Web app and authenticate with your Reddit account to be able to contribute!

Finally, subscribe to the subreddit (above) and/or if you're on Twitter, follow the handle @TheSilphRoad to receive updates on the Road network's development.

Join us and help us build the world's most awesome network of GO enthusiasts!

Safe travels, friend!

Comment & Submission Rules

Keep things friendly and constructive - this is not the place to whine!


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1 | 2 ---|--- Mar 4 | v0.57.4 brings (actual) minor text fixes Feb 25 | v0.57.3 brings performance optimizations Feb 23 | Nest Migration #15 Feb 21 | Move Rebalance restores quick move speed Feb 21 | Anniversary Pikachu Announced Feb 18 | Dronpes released from doghouse Feb 16 | Gen II Launches Feb 15 | Gen II Announced to bring 80+ species, berries, + customization Feb 14 | MrsDronpes doesn't receive Dronpes' Valentine's flowers Feb 14 | GAME_MASTER receives berries + avatar customizations Feb 8 | [Egg Distance Shakeup] ( & Migration Feb 8 | Valentine's Event begins Jan 29 | v0.55.0 brings GO+ fix & Gen 2 prep. Jan 24 | Large banwave hits botted accounts Jan 24 | Largescale spawnpoint remap adds additional nests Jan 23 | Launches in S. Korea using OSM map data Jan 17 | v0.53.1 silently adds large amounts of code for upcoming features Jan 8 | Holiday Event ends Dec 23 | Holiday Event begins Dec 22 | Apple Watch app launches Dec 16 | 'Outdoor area' spawns increased Dec 12 | 8 New Species Added! (Baby Pokemon, Togetic, + Santa Hat Pikachu variant) Dec 9 | Nearby Tracker expands to rest of world Dec 6 | Multi-transfer, type icons added Nov 30 | Nearby Tracker expands to US + Europe Nov 23 | Thanksgiving event begins (double XP/Stardust for one week) Nov 22 | First Ditto Found In-Game by /u/Kvothealar Nov 21 | CP formula improved Nov 6 | Daily Bonuses begin to be awarded Nov 5 | Spawn time increased to 30 min from 15 Nov 4 | Nearby tracker expands test to Arizona, Seattle, etc Nov 3 | Pidgey and Rattata removed from 2km eggs, Eevee changed to 5km Oct 25 | First Event: Halloween Festivities begin Oct 10 | Type Catch Bonus introduced, and six Pokemon now used for training instead of one, making Gyms more accessible to casual players Sep 26 | Third Nest Migration - this time with no species pattern Sep 22 | Attack IVs no longer correlated with Pokedex # Sep 16 | The GO+ Device arrives Sep 10 | The Buddy System is added in v0.37.0 Aug 24 | Pokemon now faint while training (instead of remaining at 1HP after loss) Aug 23 | Second Nest Migration Aug 23 | IV Appraisal feature added Aug 16 | First major ban wave Aug 11 | Servers stabilize and app achieves 100% uptime for 3 days for first time Aug 8 | 'Nearby' feature begins testing in SF Aug 5 | John Hanke commits to reducing illicit server access for "stability and integrity of the game" Aug 2 | Niantic first statement to community since launch: addresses 3-steps removal, illicit 3rd party server access, un-launched regions Aug 1 | Dronpes reminds that the Road is no place to disparage other subs Jul 30 | First major mechanic changes) (3-Step indicators removed, avatars editable, etc) come in v0.31.0 Jul 29 | Major DPS Update (Charge move DPS now > quick move DPS) Jul 29 | First Nest Migration (Dratini Nests disappear) Jul 12 | The "One HP Gym Bug" is Fixed Jul 5 | Pokemon GO begins to roll out to Google Play and iOS app stores Jun 4 | Niantic releases v0.25 to field testers. CP 'boosting' now live. May 25 | Niantic opens the field test to US testers. May 7 | Niantic releases v0.21 to field testers. The Shop now live. Apr 25 | Niantic expands field test to Australia/New Zealand. Apr 14 | Niantic releases v0.17 to field testers. Battling & Gyms now live. Mar 28 | Niantic opens Japan Field Test. Mar 24 | Niantic/Nintendo shares information on basic game mechanics. Mar 3 | Niantic announces Japan beta in late March. Opens registration. And files US Trademark. Feb 25 | “Pokémon Go is looking good. We’ll share more details with the world soon. There certainly are a lot of fans.- John Hanke, CEO Dec 16 | Extensive Interview with Niantic Sep 10 | Original Press Release Announcing Pokemon GO

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