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The Way We Were

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About TheWayWeWere

>What was normal everyday life like for people living 50, 100, or more years ago? Featuring old photos, scanned documents, articles, and personal anecdotes that offer a glimpse into the past. This subreddit is focused on content at least 40 years old.

Please treat the comment section with kindness. Trolling, copypasta and unrelated arguments are against the rules of decorum.

Filter by decade:

>Pre-1920s >1920s >1930s >1940s

>1950s >1960s >1970s >All decades

Submission guidelines:

  1. Content should be 40 years or older. Please put the approximate location and year in your title.

  2. Especially appreciated are photos that show what people did and experienced, but posed photos are fine too.

  3. If the source of your content is not given by your link, or if you have more information that would be helpful for people who want to learn more, please include it in a comment.

  4. You do not need to put the dimensions of the image in the title of your post, e.g. [640 x 480].

  5. Please do not submit or upvote content about historically notable people (politicians, celebrities, etc.) and events. Please post it to another subreddit.

  6. Reposts are allowed as long as it has not been submitted within the last 3 months AND it does not already appear in the top 50 posts this year. This allows people new to the subreddit to get a chance to see quality previously-submitted content.

  7. Find images to post by viewing our Resources Page. Please suggest additional resources by messaging the mods.

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