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Third Wave Feminism

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>###Hello and Welcome to /r/ThirdWaveFeminism

Join us on and join #thirdwavefeminism


>####1. Reddit's Rules Are Law >####2. This Is A Safe Space. GSRM-diverse redditors are safe to comment, post, subscribe, state their minds and their feelings here and everything else. We are all allies of all areas of the GSRM spectra >####3. All Feminist Supporters Are Welcome. No matter what your subscribed type of feminism is, you're welcome here so long as you abide by our rules of acceptance and tolerance of everyone, including transgender people and men >####4. Any And All Feminist Discussion Is Welcome. All waves of feminism can be discussed here. You are free to post and comment however you like, and inspire discussion about any aspect of feminism. >####5. You Will Not Be Banned For Your Beliefs, except where these conflict with the fundamental message of the subreddit. That is to say, you are free to espouse your religious, political, ethical, conscientious, socioeconomic beliefs, or any other area of belief, faith or opinion, provided this does not present an anti-feminist agenda. This rule protects your right to freedom of expression of your opinions; it does not protect you from consequences. >####6. Treat Everyone With Respect. This includes discriminating against those who come here with anti-feminist agendas, with anti-GSRM agendas, or with racist, sexist, ableist etc remarks. If you think something breaks the sub's rules, report it to the mods. >####7. Trolling Is Completely Banned. If you participate in it, you too will be banned. >####8. Slurs And Hate-Speech Are Banned. This includes anti-GSRM terminology, terms that discriminate based on race, religion, gender/gender identity, sexuality or similar. We also prefer people use gender-neutral pronouns, ideally "they" and "them". >####9. Report Anything That Breaks The Rules. This includes simply replying with "mods", reporting the comment, or messaging /u/grrrlriot >####10. Please Use Trigger Warnings As Appropriate. These topics require a TW in the title or at the beginning of the post: sexual assault, violence (including domestic violence), torture, suicide, mental illness, abuse, bullying, etc. Ignoring this may entail the removal of your post, or further action for repeat offenders. >####11. SRS is accepted, but so is anti-SRS. While some mods are not fans of SRS, others are. This represents the diversity of Reddit's feminist collective. Because of this, SRS is tolerated, but so are opponents. Please remain respectful at all times.

12. One Subreddit Under Mod.

Respect the mods, and understand that we have a big job. If you think we went too far with an action or comment, we encourage you to report the incident and the moderator involved, and they will be dealt with by the rest of the mods. Whilst this may seem a bit odd, the moderators are all independent people, and have nothing to gain by ignoring reports. We seek to represent feminism in the best light we can, so we don't want rogue mods fouling that up any more than you do.

>Please read the full Rules in greater detail as they are very important to this sub.

>Everyone is welcome here regardless of: gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, beliefs, opinions, etc. This is a safe space. All feminists, feminist supporters, and feminist newbies are welcome. Any questions, suggestions, etc. can be sent to the modmail or PM me personally.

>Any and all feminist discussion is welcome here. Just because the sub is called, "ThirdWaveFeminism" doesn't mean discussion is restricted to only third wave feminism. All feminism and type of feminisms are welcome to be discussed here. We all have our opinions about feminism, so all opinions are welcome here. Any and all questions about feminism are welcome.

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