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When you see the same reddit threads as yesterday, who you gonna call?

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What is a Threadkiller?

A Threadkiller is a top-level comment that provides just about every answer to the thread's original question: An answer so comprehensive that it quite literally kills the Reddit thread. These almost always take the form of an extended list of answers, but there are exceptions. Here are good examples. Another good way to think about it is ask yourself "When I reach this comment in the thread, do I need to or feel the need to continue looking at other comments in the thread?" If your answer is no or maybe than it may be a threadkiller! If your submission does not fit the Threadkilling mold, it will be promptly removed. There's clearly some gray area on what is and is not a Threadkiller, but if you want to message the mods, we'll hear you out.

Submission Rules

New: Threadkillers can now come from any subreddit! As long as it's a comprehensive answer that goes above and beyond to answer the original thread, it's a Thread Killer!

The title of your post should be exactly the same as that of the original post, plus the username of the threadkilling comment. Submit a link to the actual Thread Killing comment itself, not the thread. You can do this by right-clicking "permalink" below the comment, and clicking "Copy Link Location". Give all credit the user as well! Please place the username in the title if you are submitting a link. Please make absolutely sure and double check the name of your post is the same as the original thread's name. Will we care if you left out a comma, misspelled a word, or forgot to capitalize a word? No. But paraphrasing or "it's close enough" will most likely result in the post being deleted.

The correct format for submitting anything is:

> "What is a good Threadkiller title?" [/u/answerer]

If the post you are submitting does not have a question then please make sure that you create a question that the threadkiller will answer, but continue to use that format just stated. Please format in this fashion otherwise we will remove it from the subreddit and we will message you to resubmit the link with the appropriate format.

Pretty straightforward, right?

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