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Tickle Edith

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I'm tickled pink that you're here!


This is a friendly place, however I do have some rules.

First off - You must be 18+ and NO UNDERAGE CONTENT can be posted

Second, it's my sub. I reserve the right to change the rules at any time or delete a post/comment.

Let's connect around our shared tickle fetish. I don't care if you personally have a preference that others do not. Everyone is welcome here and I expect you to extend that to all members. All genders, all sexual orientations, doms, subs, switches...

Don't use this as a personals site. If you happen to meet here, that's fantastic, but take it off the sub.

No RP please

Don't be offensive, rude, abusive, harassing, or threatening (except for the fun kind of threatening).

Mods will use their own discretion if a post adds to the community or not.

It's fine to share a clips4sale link, an Etsy page, or other personal site but please only do so to initiate conversation, not just as an opportunity to advertise. And don't spam us with it.

Contact the mods if you see anything you think doesn't belong here.

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