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Tinder NSFW Moments

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  • If a post is exploiting a minor or contains any illegal imagery please report it to the mods either by clicking the report button or contacting us directly.

2. Bullying & Harrasment

  • Any form of bullying/harassment towards users of the subreddit will not be tolerated.

3. Personal Information

  • Images that contain personal information (phone numbers, addresses, schools, Facebook accounts, unique/easily identifiable names) will be removed.

4. Bot Posts

  • Any moments that are from bots will be removed.

5. Karma Whoring

  • For example: posting a profile only because it mentions /r/Tinder will result in the photos removal.
Image Removal

Photo of: a Friend/Yourself

  • To get an image removed from the subreddit, it would be easier/more efficient to go through the images "Host" website. Information on this can be found in the Wiki.

  • If this does not work you can contact the mods. Please include: the link to the post in question and some form of identification. (Usually a picture of yourself holding a piece of paper containing todays date and your username.)

Photo Breaking the Rules

  • Please report these using the report button below each post.

Approved Domains

  • Due to spam being a huge issue on the sub the only domain that is allowed to be posted is now This domain is just a direct imgur picture instead of their normal host page. We have restricted posting because of spam links being found in images titles and descriptions.


  • We don't see everything that gets posted. If you see a post violating the rules please report it.


  • Unfortunately, we are currently not looking for new members.

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