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Welcome to Toaster Rights. A small community dedicated to making the world a better place for toasters to live. We share our ideas about how to help our metal friends, and we also post awesome pictures of toasters. We have some basic rules, and would appreciate if you followed them.


1.NO REPOSTS If you repost THE_HUMAN_TREE will eat you

2.This is Toaster Rights, not Cool Stuff That Has To Do With Toaster. Any pictures of toasters without explanation will be removed.

2.5.Unless it is a REALLY cool toaster!

3.Our ultimate goal is to make the world a better place for toaster to live.

4.Any hate will get you banned/toasted.

5.For any NSFW content or toasters without a case on, go to /r/ToastersGW.

6.Microwaves are our mortal enemy!


Shout all of our favorite movie, The Brave Little Toaster!

Check out /r/toasterovenclub!




/r/Toastercops ^has ^jurisdiction ^powers ^over ^all


/r/Picsofdeadtoasters [NSFW] [NSFL]

/r/ToasterOvenClub /r/toast !!!!!!

/r/toast !!!!!!

/r/toast !!!!!!

/r/toast !!!!!!

/r/toast !!!!!!

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