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Ever get into an argument with your friend and just made something up on the spot? Ever see a post or video on the internet that was so bullshit, you needed to share it? Ever lie on the internet to prove to some stranger you'll never see again that you are right? TIB would love to hear this knowledge and the reasoning behind it! As a reminder, the bullshit you make or post does not have to be from this website. Stories or links from other sites are accepted.

Created some bullshit? Use the [TIB] tag in your title!

See some bullshit? Use the [TISSB] tag in your title!

Reminders: When posting, please use "np." links. We do not take part in vote brigading.

Do not post a story here and then come back and say you bs'd the subreddit. If we allowed this, we'd get these types of posts daily.

Do not let your BS get out of control by falsely accusing people of something. This is a place where we come to have a fun, not to start weird rumors about others.

Don't create posts on other subreddits just to post bullshit. This clogs up the other subreddits front page and makes us look like assholes.

Suggested Subreddits:

/r/paddingresumes - Making your job seem more important. It's bullshit, but just barely.

/r/quityourbullshit: a place where people call out bs

/r/bullshitfacts: make your bs sound smart

/r/Karmacourt: when keeping the bullshit real goes wrong

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