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Please post all questions in the questions thread.

Welcome to /r/Tokyo!

This subreddit is for news and information relating to Tokyo and the surrounding metropolitan area. This may include meetups or things that will effect Tokyo residents pleaseru

/r/Tokyo LINE Group chat group for locals and visitors

Tourists & visitors

Read the question thread before posting. Keep your questions and meet up post there. It serves as a centralized repository of our accumulated knowledge and a place to organize impromptu meetups. Generic tourist posted outside of the tourist thread will be removed.


Useful information.

Food and Drink

Hi guys can you buy XXX for me and mail it to the US?

No. But these services would love to help for a fee. Tenso, BridGe.jpn

Sub Rules and Guidelines

  • Visitor and tourists questions go to the visitor's thread. Your post will be removed if you don't follow this rule.

  • Check the sidebar, stickies, and SEARCH before posting - Many common questions have already been answered, the resources are here.

  • Tourist meet up request and questions belong in the Tourist Post - Be sure to post your dates so others can see.

  • Post the DATE in the title of Meet up post. - This is for group meet ups, not for random request to hang out (these are removed). Please message the mod team as well to have the meet up added to the sidebar/banners.

  • Adhere to reddiquette - Please do NOT vote based on likes and dislikes, vote on whether something belongs or does not belong. Please give equal upvotes to those with different opinions.

  • Keep post related to Tokyo and the surrounding area.

  • Non Tokyo travel related questions should go to /r/JapanTravel

  • No blogspam, vlog spam. Memes are welcome.

Meet Ups and Events

If you want to have a meetup posted here message the mods.

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