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Everything You've Always Wanted to Know about Anything....but were too afraid to ask.

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Welcome to TooAfraidToAsk, a sub that's dedicated to many questions you might've already had but didn't want to ask. We do allow throwaways and encourage them. Our rules are fairly simple, don't be a jerk and you won't get banned. We keep the rules here much more relaxed because this is a community driven sub-reddit. What this means is that posts that reach 5 or more downvotes are automatically hidden. Any post that receives a high volume of reports in a 24 hour period is instantly given a month-long ban, these are reviewed within three days by mod staff and is a last resort.

We will try our best to limit the amount of trolling. But in a forum like this one that might be hard, and we would rather keep 10 trolls than delete one honest inquiry.


Like most things, we can't have a true free for all here but we do limit the amount of rules we keep active.

All posts asking about how to harm themselves or others will result in an automatic permanent ban and a report to Reddit admins. Thank you for your cooperation. Comments explaining how to harm themselves or others will receive a 2+ week ban, regardless of circumstances. Harassing an OP via messages or across other subs will also result in a ban.

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