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Have you ever created a meme so dark and depressing that it would simply not fit on /r/me_irl? Have you ever found a relatable image that made you feel like a worthless human being? Have you ever just felt that an image was too meirl for meirl?

This is the place to post it!

General Rules:

  1. Don't be a dick and be polite to each others

  2. All posts must be funny, and relateable.

  3. No sexism, racism, transphobia, ableism, classism, xenophobia, etc., etc... Bigotry is grounds for a ban and severity can vary.

  4. Suicide-related content is not allowed. (Depression-related content is encouraged, though)

  5. The title should be generally along the lines of 'too me irl for me irl', and the link should be a meme hosted on imgur. If it's a text post, it should either be a [meta] post, or something relatable and memetic in nature.

  6. Posts asking for upvotes will be banned

See also:

Our newest subs: /r/toomeirlformeirlfam and /r/toomeirlformeirlart

If you want suicidal posts, go to /r/2meirl and /r/2meirl4meirl. Don't even think of posting it here.

Other okay subreddits:


-/r/wholesomememes (for a mood booster to balance out the sad vibes)

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