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Top Down Thong

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You know when she is on her knees and her thong just perfectly frames her butt as you look down? Yeah, that's awesome.


  1. Female subject, wearing underwear that exposes at least part of the buttocks, viewed from above. Doesn't have to be a true thong, but I need to see some cheeks.
  2. All images links must be RES compatible.
  3. As a general courtesy, please avoid reposting images of active redditors. Instead invite them to post themselves.
  4. Video links must include documentation of the sighting in the title. Example format: [Video] Post Title (0:37-055)
  5. Zero tolerance for spam. /u/rey_wart is the sole arbiter of spam.
  6. Models 18+ only. Violators will be banned with no warning.

Someday I may need to add more rules, but not today.

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