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Gay Sex (Cum together, learn from each other)

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Welcome to /r/topsandbottoms: the sub to talk about gay sex; what's hot, what's not, and how to do it better.

Please pick a flair so we can understand your perspective.

Here's a GIF showing how to change your flair

Everyone with a chill sex-positive attitude is welcome here.


1) Have a dick. Don't BE a dick.

This is a safe space for guys to explore male sexuality. Express yourself respectfully. No judgement, no discrimination no dickish behavior. People who are being dicks will be warned. Repeat violators will be banned. No name-calling and personal insults. If you see disruptive behavior, don't throw insults back. Report it to the mods

2) No politics and religion and shit.

This subreddit is about male/male sex and relationships and closely related topics, not politics and religion. No arguing over political campaigns, political candidates. Please post topics related to politics and other LGBT issues in other subreddits.

3) No hookup ads.

But if a guy posts something that turns you on, and you end up flirting in the comments, that's cool.

4) No illegal content (incest, rape, child pornography).

Do NOT post content featuring individuals under the age of 18. If you are under age 18 and post a lewd photo of yourself, that is still ILLEGAL. Also, incest between non-blood related family members can still be considered incest.

5) No personally identifying information

...such as addresses, real names, personal telephone numbers and personal email addresses.

6) Consent.

Do not share images, videos or other personally identifying information about the people you have sex with unless you have their explicit CONSENT to share that content.

7) No Spam.

8) Only post pics in the sticky threads.

You can post pics of your ass in the FUCK ME FRIDAY thread and you can post pics of your dick in the TOP TUESDAY thread. You can post pics of either in the SUNDAY FUNDAY

  • If you want to post pictures of yourself on other days of the week there are many other subreddits in which to share them:

  • /r/LadyBonersGW

  • /r/GaybrosGoneWild
  • /r/gaymersgonewild
  • /r/LGBTGoneWild
  • /r/BiGoneWild



  • Moderators reserve the right to lock or remove posts and ban users deemed disruptive for any reason.

Megathread Topic schedule (Click links to sort by topic)

  • TOP TUESDAY: Day dedicated to the tops. Post pics of your dick in the Top Tuesday sticky, talk about how you fuck, tell us your favorite thing to do to make bottoms love you. Among other things.

  • FUCK ME FRIDAY: Day dedicated to the bottoms. Post pics of your ass in the Fuck Me Friday sticky, tell us how you like it, and give your fellow bottoms tips on how to be a better bottom. Among other things.

  • SUNDAY FUNDAY: Tell us and show us the nastiest, filthiest sex you had recently. Stories, pictures, videos, gifs etc. welcome. 18+ please.

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