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Town of Salem

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The official subreddit for Town of Salem, a free browser-based game inspired by Mafia.

Subreddit Rules:

||| |:--:|:--:|:--:|:--:|:--:| |1. Follow the Rules of Reddit and Reddiquette.|Remember to be kind. Do not call people or things "retarded" or "autistic". If you disagree with something, explain why in a civil manner.| |2. Keep posts related to the game.|We're here to discuss Town of Salem! If a post does not relate to Town of Salem, it risks being lynched.| |3. Do not "witch hunt" users.|Players who break the rules within the game may be reported in-game or in the Report Players section of the forums.| |4. Do not ask for referrals.|Referrals can only be done during the signup of an account. Chances are that the people over here already have made a Town of Salem account.| |5. Do not spam.|Spam is when you make a post that is extremely similar to a recent post within the past 2 weeks, or when you post the exact same comment multiple times in a row in quick succession (unless it is legitimately helpful).|

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