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WoW Transmogrification Armour

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Welcome to the World of Warcraft Transmogrification Subreddit where you can explore the World of Outfitcraft!

Feel free to Join us in Discord.


Include the list of the items that you've used. We all want to know! Failure to post your item list may result in removal.

Be nice. Don't belittle anyone. Upvotes are generally pretty awesome.

Please don't change armour appearance artificially. We want to see real armour sets that are attainable in game, not recolours that you did with photoshop.

Tag your posts! You can use the link flair selector (the link that says Tag your post) to select your flair, or you can put some kind of distinguishing text in your title.

Racism, Sexism, Homophobia or any other flavour of hate speak don't have a place here. Don't troll people either. Don't say things just to rustle jimmies.


/r/wow - The Mothership

WoWHead Chrome Tooltips are like magic. MAGIC.

Disenchanting Azeroth shows weapons broken down by model shares and expansion. Thanks to AdventureTom!

An awesome Addon for transmogging in-game: Mogit from Curse

Wowhead has a 3D model viewer. Thanks to DFSniper for explaining how to use it to view models on your character in browser.

Roleplay Gear has some great lists. Thanks to bliss72.

Mog King allows you to easily share your mog and your mog list and loads faster than the official website.

The Rules: a blue post on how it works


This said boink for a long time, which would have been a duplicator, not a transmogrifier. I am unbelievably sorry about that.

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