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A place for text-only trashy posts. We encourage all types of content, from screenshots and billboards to disclaimers and famous qoutes.

Whatever the medium, we want submissions of the most disgusting, unacceptable shit you have.


Rule 1: Posts must be appropriate for the subreddit.

  • This means no posts without text and, while graphics aren't banned, any present shouldn't be key to the trash. This means the submission would still make sense with any non-text content removed. This is what distinguishes us from many other subs, and it's Rule 1 for a reason.
  • All NSFW posts should be tagged as such.
  • Posts should be 'trashy'. We're not going to rigorously define what trashy is, this will be largely left to the votes. Moderators reserve the right to remove posts considered too far off base.
  • Cross posts are welcome, but you don't need to mark them as such.

Rule 2: No witch-hunts, death threats, or personal information. Personal information of minors will likely result in an immediate ban.

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