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For the gENTs in all of us. (/r/TreeConnoisseurs)

Post your suggestions for a better community!

Welcome Connoisseurs!

This subreddit focuses on intellectual discussion revolving around the topic of marijuana.

Only text/self posts are permitted as to stop any potential karma whoring.

Please refrain from posting memes, DAE's, TIL's, unoriginal, and immature content as your posts will be deleted.

Featured Discussions:

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Ents Around The World:

New Zealand: r/nztrees
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Canada: r/canadients

Join the IRC and chat with fellow gENTs and Lady gENTs! #classytrees

If you are a first timer to irc's, feel free to message a moderator for some basic help!

If you have any suggestions for the subreddit please message the moderators.

Thank you!

Special thanks to systmh for creating our gENT graphics and helping out with coding!

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