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Trees sucking at things

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Trees doing things poorly.

Not to be confused with /r/TreesSuckingOnThings

Please post:

  • Photoshopped pictures of trees in unnatural places, trying to do things they're no good at.
  • Regular pictures of trees in their natural habitat, not doing things they're no good at. Please explain in your post title what the tree is not doing well.

Please don't post:

  • Pictures of trees sucking on things. Direct your posts to: /r/TreesSuckingOnThings.
  • Trees doing things they're good at. I don't mind if you catch a picture of a tree while it's photosynthesizing, so long as it's not playing baseball or whatnot. Still, try not to post pictures of trees doing things well, like withstanding harsh climates, providing wood, or pollinating other trees.
  • NSFW content

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