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  • reddit... the front page of the internet. These are the posts of the subreddit /r/Treknobabble. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new content and old favourites, to seek out new readers and other Star Trek communities, to boldly display whatever Trekkers want to upvote!


  • For links and discussions of interest to fans of the Star Trek universe, such as images, videos, articles, podcasts, etc. Respect reddit rules and reddiquette when submitting content, commenting and voting.
  • Important: "Search for duplicates before posting. Redundancy posts add nothing new to previous conversations." Front page reposts will be removed without hesitation, and other reposts up to 8 months old may be removed at the discretion of Treknobabble's caretakers.

  • Caution: This sub may contain spoilers that have not yet been removed by our caretakers. Spoiler warning are encouraged when appropriate. Please note that warnings are useless if you reveal a spoiler in the submission title. For more info, visit our Spoiler Guidelines wiki page.

  • NSFW posts may be removed without warning; please consider submitting such content to these subs instead.

  • For more help on posting to Treknobabble, visit this page.

  • Treknobabble strongly supports the Star Trek specialty subs and encourages their promotion. Feel free to advertise your Star Trek community here.

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