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TributeMe: Say it with semen

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The finish line for fapping

Girls: Like the idea of seeing yourself coated in cum? Ever wanted to see the seminal satisfaction your pics can bring? Fancy a fantasy facial?

Guys: Want a wank? Why waste it when wenches want to watch?

Try a Tribute!

We're all about good ~~clean~~ dirty fun.

"It might seem weird at first, but seeing yourself covered in guys' cum is strangely arousing, curiously satisfying, and surprisingly fun. It's like having a memory of something you never actually did. Being able to try it and talk about it openly, safely, and in a supportive environment, is pleasantly liberating... and somewhat addictive; you can't understand until you've tried it yourself!" - anon.

Submitters must have TributeMe flair proving that they are verified before they can request tributes.

Guys can show their appreciation for any posts they like.

If you see something that's not to your taste, then simply move on - we're accepting of all types except the intolerant, and niceness is mandatory.


We're proud to have strict requirements - so cum here with confidence.

Tap/hover for more info:

|Short version|Longer version| |-|-| |1. Submit a direct imgur link to a single image of yourself holding a verification card, with a [verification] tag in the title.| The image must: be at least 5MP in resolution, focused & well-exposed; show that you are holding the card; show your username, the subreddit, and date. |2. Select a second image to match one of the verification types:|Automoderator will ask you to reply with the second image, and specify the type of verification appropriate for the pictures that you intend to submit. | |• Cum-certifed | Non-identifying body photos, only - no tattoos or distinguishing features, no photos showing anything above the top lip.| |• Tattooed target| Body photos featuring tattoos or body modifications. The feature must be clear in the second verification pic. | |• Facial Fan| Photos revealing anything above the bottom lip. A full face photo is required as verification. | |• Couple | We're happy if you want to share, but we need the lady to show she's OK with that. | |• Trans (optional)| Same requirement as tattoo+face - i.e. if we don't see it in the V pic, you can't show it later | |3. A human will review your request and you will be granted flair showing everyone what type of images you're allowed to submit. | Flair also includes the ID of the verification post, and the image submitted, for future reference.|

Thanks for cumming!!!

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