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TrollYChromosome - A subreddit for guys, beer is in the fridge

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Quality reddit dudes sharing quality reddit wisdom.

>B-but isn't all of reddit TrollYCh...

Nah. After long deliberation we need it because otherwise girls are having all the fun. That, and this is a guy positive space to be guys without getting shit, and AdviceAnimals isn't that funny. #dealwithit


  1. No grills allowed

  2. Ok grills allowed, but only because they are funny

  3. dicks = cool, being a dick = not cool

  4. If you're going to post a meme, it should really be some high quality, 100% pure grade A Colombian meme

  5. Keep the reelly srs biznss gender drama in /r/MensRants / /r/SRSFunny

  6. Keep it funny, keep it about being a guy, and no obvious karmawhoring


All problems should be sent via a letter to:

He-man Manamillion,
1337 Mancave Lane,
Manville, Manzakistan

Or message the mods.

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