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Tropical Weather

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This subreddit is designed to focus on tropical weather events around the world, including tropical disturbances, tropical cyclones, and periodic climatic oscillations such as El Niño and La Niña. Discussion is usually focused around scientific and meteorological analysis, but non-scientific discussion such as hurricane preparedness, meteorological questions, and observations are welcome.

Flair for particular countries and areas typically affected by tropical weather are available to users, as well as special flair for approved meteorologists and forecasters. We post a weekly global tropical outlook and discussion thread for discussing current storms, developing systems, and tropical disturbance areas around the globe. We also post official threads for named storms to track these systems from development until dissipation or landfall.

Official Thread Posting Guidelines

Discussion about tropical disturbances, tropical investigation areas, and tropical depressions will occur in the weekly global outlook and discussion thread. This is to reduce the amount of workload on the moderators and to alleviate confusion when a depression becomes a storm and goes from being designated with a number to being designated with a name.

Typically, a moderator will post an official thread for a storm using a shared moderator account (/u/Euronotus). This allows all of the moderators to be able to update the threads on a timely basis. However, you are free to post an official thread if the moderators have not gotten around to doing so. That said, there are several guidelines for posting an official thread:

If you want to post an official thread, you must be willing to periodically update it.
Tropical weather changes very rapidly and visitors to the subreddit are going to want to see up-to-date information. Once an official thread is created by a user, it cannot be edited by a moderator, so if you're not sure you'll be able to periodically update the thread, please send a message to the moderation staff and we will take care of it for you.

We strive for a consistent post title structure.
Please respect that structure when titling your official threads.
Do NOT put "Tropical Storm/Hurricane" in the post title.
This will be taken care of in the post flair. Simply use the storm's name and then add the storm's basin in parenthesis (e.g. Agatha (East Pacific))

Subreddit Rules

Basic Reddiquette rules will be enforced
Duplicate storm threads are subject to deletion
Personal attacks, trolling, threatening language, and sexual content are not allowed.
Political discussion is not allowed.
We understand that meteorology, climatology, and in particular, the study of climate change can be a politically-charged topic. We ask that discussion of any of these topics be kept to a scientific basis only.
Spam is not allowed.
Paywall content is not allowed.
Intentional posting of false or misleading information is not allowed.
Any information that is found to be intentionally false or misleading is subject to removal and the poster will be subject to a ban.
Forecast speculation is allowed, but refrain from giving absolutes, particularly if you are not an approved meteorologist.
Unless you are qualified to forecast weather data and information, please refrain from such discussion.
Are you certified in meteorology or a related atmospheric or oceanographic science?
Message the moderators with proof of your credentials (with personally identifiable information censored, if preferred) and we can provide you with special user flair.

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