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True Dota 2

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Welcome everyone to /r/TrueDota2!

TrueDota2 is a place to discuss everything that exists or occurs between the pick screen to the closing scoreboard.

Help us grow to become a valuable resource for both new and veteran players.

Please be courteous to one another in your posts. Try your best to keep discussions on topic and rage-free.

We have a Discord chat/voice server

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Post interesting content or your Dota 2 questions!

Submit suggestions through moderator mail. Do not submit them to the main subreddit.

Read and adhere to Reddiquette

Try /r/analysemydota2 if you need someone to look at your play. If you have specific questions about a situation or hero you are struggling with, feel free to post them. Please do not make posts asking people to review your replay(s) in general.

Posts complaining about a recent match, or about your teammates in a match will be locked or removed regardless of context.

Your Reddit account must be at least 7 days old.

Never downvote something only because you disagree with it! Agree to disagree.

Don't be a dick! If someone is wrong, explain why they're wrong informatively, and non-condescendingly

Any type of posts recruiting subscribers of this subreddit for any reason are prohibited.

No memes, joke-threads, or off-topic discussion. Downvote misinformation and off-topic posts.

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