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True Fuck/MarryKills

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There are other Fuck/Marry/Kill subreddits, but we have a bot that tallies votes!


  1. Submissions must be direct links to images and show precisely three girls, and you have to rate your own submissions in the comments.

  2. Single image of 3 girls only. If it's a montage, it must be themed (superhero girls, women of some particular show, etc.) Try /r/RankThem for numbers other than 3.

  3. No Reposts from the past 7-days. (use the report button accordingly.)

  4. No more than 5-6 posts per day, please.


  1. Top-Level Replies must list one to fuck, one to marry, and one to kill, such as MKF or FKM.

Brand new accounts are often flagged by automod, so if your post or ratings don't show up, message the mods to check it out.


Start your top-level reply with the three-letter rating. It tallies them every 30-minutes for the first 7-days.

Up to 100 Golds given by year-end

Every time we hit another 1k in subscribers, someone gets gold.

  • ~~23,000~~ - /u/duplicity321
  • ~~24,000~~ - /u/timjamfer
  • ~~25,000~~ - /u/FreezaMilitaryKorp
  • CHART HELP - /u/GuybrushFourpwood
  • CHART HELP - /u/datavistics
  • ~~26,000~~ /u/derSchalker
  • ~~27,000~~ /u/MadeForPosts
  • 28,000
  • 29,000
  • 30,000
  • and so on...

How to get gold?

Post, rate, and most of all, show your work when you rate posts.

That's pretty much it. But when you x-post, point them back to here so we get more subscribers to speed things up.

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