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Taking the journey to parenthood together.

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Our Rules

The complete list of rules can be found here

  • Posting a positive test (BFP)? Our weekly BFP post is stickied on the main page of /r/TryingForABaby! No BFP posts or comments are permitted outside the weekly post.

  • This group is for anyone trying to get pregnant and to ask/give advice on getting pregnant. Be supportive!

  • Report posts or comments that show suspicious or disrespectful behavior. Reports to the moderators are anonymous, and help keep the environment of the subreddit safe and supportive.

  • This subreddit contains scores of posts with detailed descriptions about completely natural bodily processes (of all people) on the topic of getting pregnant. When discussing fertility there is NO SUCH THING AS TMI!

Using Content Warning (CW) Flair

When discussing pregnancy or infant loss, previous pregnancies, children, or other topics users may find triggering, please utilize the CW flair. You may use any of the following four formats:

[ your comment here ](/content)
[ your comment here ](#content)
[ your comment here ](/cw)
[ your comment here ](#cw)

Please be considerate about the words that you say and the way they are said and keep in mind that using CW flair does not override the rules. Mention of BFP or current pregnancies outside of the BFP are prohibited.

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Helpful Acronyms!

(Acronyms are not mandatory, but are useful to know, and do help to shorten your own posts / replies)

Acronym | Term -------------------|------------| AF | Aunt Flow (your period)| BBT | basal body temperature| BCP | birth control pills| BD | baby dance (sex)| BFP/BFN | big fat positive / big fat negative| CD | cycle day| CM | cervical mucus| CP | chemical pregnancy (an early miscarriage) | DevBio | /u/DevelopmentalBiology - moderator extraordinaire and resident expert in developmental biology| DPO | (cycle) day post ovulation| EOD | every other day| EWCM | eggwhite CM (the fertile stuff!)| FF | (popular website for temping/charting)| FMU | first morning urine| FW | fertile window/fertile week| FP | follicular phase| FRER | First Response Early Result pregnancy test| HBC | hormonal birth control| HCG | human chorionic gonadotropin (what's measured on an HPT)| HPT | Home pregnancy test| HSG | Hysterosalpingogram| LH | luteinizing hormone (what's measured by an OPK)| LP | luteal phase| MC | miscarriage| MMC | missed miscarriage| NTNP | not trying, not preventing| O | ovulation| O-1 | O minus one; one day before ovulation (also O-2, O-3, etc.) | OPK | ovulation predictor kit| POAS | pee on a stick| PCOS | Polycystic ovarian syndrome| RE | Reproductive endocrinologist| SA | semen analysis| SMEP | Sperm Meets Egg Plan| TCOYF | Taking Charge of Your Fertility (informative book by Toni Weschler)| TI | timed intercourse| TTC | trying to conceive| TW | trigger warning (precedes a post/statement which may be triggering to some users) | TWW | two-week wait (post-ovulation, pre-pregnancy test)| WTT | waiting to try (for those pre-TTC)| WTO | waiting to ovulate|

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