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For when /r/TumblrInAction gets to be a little too much.

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Relax, it's okay. You're safe now.

Companion subreddit to /r/TumblrInAction. PUT YOUR "[TW: SANITY]" POSTS HERE.

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1) DO NOT CONTACT ANYBODY FEATURED ON TaR. This means sending messages of any sort, and this especially means harassing them. This is our most important rule. Break it, and you're banned for good. No reporting and especially no trying to get people to massreport.

2) PERSONAL INFORMATION IS NOT ALLOWED, PERIOD. This includes full names and locations of bloggers. If it's in the sidebar, or in their username, screenshot it and censor it out. We don't need it here.

3) DON'T BE A DICKPARADE. This is the place for calm, reason, and sanity. Let's keep it calm, reasonable, and sane.

"Stopped Clock" indicates a source that is objectionable but has given correct factual information. Use with caution.

4) DO NOT POST ANYTHING OVERLY POLITICAL. TaR is not a soapbox for pushing your ideology. We're here to show and discuss sane and rational views, and encourage discussion and debate. Keep it civil. Do not become the evil you deplore.

5) If you're linking to a blog containing NSFW material, mark it as NSFW.

6) Crazy SJW horseshit (from any pole of the crazy wheel) goes to our Great Lord Mother /r/TumblrInAction. Satire posts, troll blogs and Memes belong in /r/TumblrCirclejerk. General Tumblr humor goes to /r/loltumblr. Discussion and Meta posts go to /r/TiADiscussion.

7A) These sites should only have screenshots posted. No direct links to these sites.

7B) Screenshots, if used, must be full screen and full context. No cropped screenshots. You may blackout any personal info/blog names to protect the bloggers, but if the mods cannot verify the legitimacy of the post it will be removed and the OP will be asked to send the mods a link to the blog for verification.

In the case of non tumblr posts, archive sites can be used in lieu of screenshots. Archive is the prefered site (or other similar ones) for this. Please do not use DONOTLINK as this still gives the linked site ad revenue. Any screenshot not adhering to this format will be removed. Here are some examples of both good and bad screenshots.


Support and Resources

Mental and Emotional Health

U-Lifeline (College mental health support)

Self-Harm Help

Domestic and Family Violence

Family Violence Project


The Trevor Project (LGBTQ)

Automatic Hugs

Fluffy Kittens

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