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Rule | Description :----:|:-----------: I. Be respectful! | No racism/sexism/homophobia or other hate based speech. Directly calling out or providing enough information to cause a witch-hunt of another user is not allowed. Furthermore, you should never encourage users to break the ToS of Twitch or Reddit. Anyone breaking reddiquette will be reported to the admins. II. No channel promotion. | Channel promotion is no longer permitted, as voted by this community. This includes, but is not limited to, stream promotion, including channel links in posts/comments, looking to collaborate and looking for feedback. This applies to all forms of self promotion, and non-self promotion. III. Other advertisements must be approved. | All posts that are advertising a third-party service or tool must be approved by a moderator via the requests system. If in doubt, contact the moderators via modmail. IV. Posts about Twitch bans will be removed. | Read this for information, check this ban checker to ensure there are no issues with your IP and then email an appeal here if you have further concerns/questions. V. No dump/runs, repetitive topics or spam. | All content should be somehow relevant to Twitch. Any text post submitted to /r/Twitch must contain a body section, which must be more than just a single link or few words. Repetitive topics will be removed - you should use the search function before posting. Also, uninformative titles will be removed - they must sufficiently summarise the post body. Link threads are permitted for Twitch Clips only. VI. Clips must be beneficial to the community. | Clips you post should be drama free and non-toxic. Great examples are funny moments, showcase of skill or other interesting occurrence. A clip should not be posted more than once in a short period of time (use the search feature!). Finally, you should only post clips from other channels, not your own. You should submit your own clips to the Clip Contest.


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