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Welcome to /r/TwitchMains!

"What doesn't kill you just isn't finished yet."

Table of Contents

Message the mods to have your streams, guides, mastery rank, and content added. Keep in mind you are responsible for reading the rules.

TwitchMains Clubs

A list of clubs in various regions if you wish to join in the League of Legends client. If you wish to join, add an owner of the corresponding region and send them a personal message via Reddit letting them know you want to join, and we'll try to add you.

If your region is not listed here and you want to start a TwitchMains club in your region, pm /u/Random_Nom and he'll add your region to the list.

Region | Summoner Name | Reddit Username :--- | :--- | :--- NA | Random Nom, Only Twitch | /u/Random_Nom, /u/OnlyTwitch EUW | ~~Twitch the Rat~~(Full Club), ~~Rinsingwind~~(Full Club), ~~funcoen~~(Full Club), Mr Tails | /u/elliotho, /u/rachmaen, /u/funcoen, /u/PM_Me_Twitch_Yaoi EUNE | It That Betrays | /u/shymenJESUS OCE | | /u/xlntalex

Community Content

Guides | Streams | Other Content --- | --- | --- Sneaky, Sneaky... | twitchylol Twïtch Bot's Guide to Twitch Jungle | syforce92 | FarbrorLukas 18:00 GMT+1 | Masekurr | lolclaude | mikeydecoy | yezzun | ofgsaiph | Moobu | TurkishRageblade1 | Cheewiz

If you have a guide, stream, or other kind of content you would like to share with us for people to see, PM /u/Random_Nom to have your content added to the list.

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