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Two Redditors colliding. It's a small world.

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The general idea is: two (or more Redditors) unexpectedly in the same place at the same time. If you don't already understand the reference, you actually might not want to look it up. Examples:

  • Someone posts a pic (or story), and someone else in the thread says "hey, I was there too!" and provides evidence to that effect.

  • Two people post a pic (or story) of the same thing in separate threads and you notice and link them both here.

  • A post talks about something or someone, and that person (or someone closely related) shows up in the comments. E.g., a post about the special effects in a movie, and the FX supervisor for that movie appears with details.

  • Redditor 1 posts a picture of someone/something, and Redditor 2 says "hey, that's the someone/something next door!"

Have fun.



  • No planned or faked coincidences

  • No spam

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