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The University of Texas at Austin

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Welcome to The University of Texas at Austin!


  1. Be respectful of other members.
  2. Posts must be related to UT Austin in some way.
  3. Posts must have a descriptive title (as in, not "Quick question" or "Registration").
  4. User flair must be major or staff affiliation only, and optionally graduation year.
  5. Any email addresses or phone numbers must be publicly listed on UT's website.
  6. Posts for commercial interests or intended to generate profit are not allowed. This includes sublease offers. Job offers may be permitted with prior approval.
  7. Questions regarding admission to the school or a specific major directly related to evaluating the user's chances of admission are not allowed.
  8. No requesting members to take your survey.

Repeated or severe violations of these rules will result in a ban.


  1. Report posts that break the rules and if it's not obvious, message us why.
  2. Do not downvote to indicate disagreement.
  3. Use the search tool and visit the FAQ before asking questions; someone may have already answered it. If your question varies or was not answered to your satisfaction, feel free to post it.
  4. Message the moderators if you have a suggestion!

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